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    An Introduction to Global Touch

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    • An Introduction to Global Touch

    Global  Touch was founded in 2019 in response to the emerging educational market in Australia. We now provide a one-stop solution for those international students who want to pursue their higher education in Australia. With more than 10 years of experience in the education industry, we strive to give hassle free services to our clients.

    The founding principle of Global Touch is  to provide the best educational consultancy and guidance and offer professional support to help aspiring students find a reputed university/ educational program in Australia. We practically handhold every student through the entire procedure of choosing a scholarship program, the visa application process, documentation and verification, choosing the right college, familiarizing its curriculum, accommodation and other necessary amenities. 

    As of today, the Global Touch has been a well-functioning body and helped more than 5,000 students to enrol in different Australian Education Providers.

    We listen to your needs and advice impartially as to the correct and the most beneficial route to your success.  And to be able to do that, we have the very best talent within education as part of our team of consultants who can match every student with a good university/program. We pride ourselves of having an unrivalled knowledge and network within Australia to offer the best guidance possible.

    Successful outcomes through realistic solutions is what has made Global Touch emerge as one of the premier educational consultants in Melbourne, Australia .

    Once the student is on board, our team communicates with them regularly through phone calls, emails and Skype to understand and monitor their progress in terms of the different procedures and keeps a close tab on deadlines and deliverables. And when not communicating with students, the team is out visiting universities to keep ourselves updated and our contacts up to date.

    We have a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian education system as well as Australian universities and advise our students and their families on their educational options. We source our information from a variety of sources to ensure that they are reliable, objective and relevant to provide our students the best experience across the entire gamut of contemporary education. We have also built up relationships with knowledgeable and respected members of the educational community to further our services with our students and to offer the latter with optimum guidance.

    We have a specialty in,

    • Liaising with Universities and educational professionals¬† on a regular basis
    • Ensuring transparent and clear lines of communication with the students on one hand and the universities on the other
    • Assessing every student and establishing clear, realistic ambitions for each client and setting appropriate timelines for action.
    • Recommending universities with clearly defined admission procedures and requirements, and
    • Being a proactive sounding board for solutions to any kind of higher education need.


    Global Touch strongly believes that providing organic and relevant educational guidance to students lays the foundation for their successful professional career and we continually strive to achieve that through our services.