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    Business and Investment Visas

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    While these visas are not available to everyone, they are a very attractive option for successful business people to pursue. Australia currently has a number of business and investment visa options to suit individuals who have achieved certain annual turnovers in recent years AND have a minimum combined net worth with their spouse of at least $800,000.  These visas can be permanent or temporary depending on the previous business success the applicant is able to show or level of investment they are willing to make in specified Australian investments. One such visa allows permanent residence within just 12 months of investment.

    To ensure success for a Business or Investment Visa option it is important that the Migration Agent, Business or Investment Manager or Accountant and Visa Applicant can work well together to prepare and submit all relevant documents and monitor that all visa requirements are met.

    Contact our experienced Migration Agent for more details regarding the process and requirements if you are interested in starting a business or investing in Australia.