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    Why Should You Choose Carpentry?

    Carpentry has been developed over hundreds of years and is one of the world’s oldest and most respected trades. Timber-based building and construction laid the foundations of many great cities over the world, and over the years it has specialised to include various modern materials and techniques.

    Many carpenters are highly satisfied with their work and enjoy the versatility that comes with the industry. Carpentry has various specialties to choose from, meaning you can easily learn new skills and develop new expertise – without changing your trade.

    Career Pathway for Carpentry 

    Works on projects involving commercial buildings such as hotels, office towers, educational institutes, restaurants and retail developments.

    Carpenters in this area work with a range of materials other than wood, such as steel, plastic and plaster.

    Specialised commercial carpenters may work on installing panelling, windows and ceilings.


    Works on major industrial projects such as power plants or mining infrastructure. They are usually employed by resources industries such as energy, manufacturing and resource extraction.

    Industrial carpenters handle a range of tasks such as building scaffolding, bracing, partitions or concrete pouring forms.

    They may also use their skills to work alongside civil engineers on projects such as bridges and tunnels.


    Works on housing such as townhouses, detached homes and smaller projects.

    They usually work on framing interior and exterior walls, building stairs and constructing decks and roofs.

    Some may even work on concrete foundations or putting up drywall.

    Residential carpenters can specialise even further to work on finishing touches such as cabinets, floors, and crown molding if they see themselves as having a flair for perfecting.

    Reason for studying plumbing.

    This program provides training for plumbing apprentices and covers the practical and theoretical aspects of the industry.

    You will specialise in gas-fitting, water, sanitary, roofing and drainage during the first three stages of training. If your employer agrees, you can choose to complete a fourth stage – mechanical services.

     Career Pathway for Plumbing 


    Plumber and drainer

    Plumber and gasfitter


    Roof plumber

    Registered Building Practitioner