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    Partner Visas

    Partner Visas are for individuals in a genuine, committed and continuing relationship with an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen. There are a number of requirements to meet for an application for a Partner Visa to be valid and strong evidence of the relationship must be given for the visa to be approved. Relationship evidence should illustrate financial ties, social connections, future plans and genuine commitment.

    Partner Visa Options

    Partner Visas are for individuals who are either married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or eligible NZ Citizen. To be de facto generally means living together. Partner Visas are combined meaning that both the temporary stage and permanent stage are applied for at the same time. Generally, after two years of the applicant and sponsoring partner remaining in a committed relationship they are eligible for the permanent visa. This is referred to as Stage 2 of the Partner Visa. Full payment of the combined visa is made during application.

    Partner Visas can be applied onshore and offshore.

    For couples who cannot prove they are de facto but are in a genuine commitment often a Prospective Marriage Visa is the preferred visa choice. This is for couples intending to get married once they are in Australia. This option is only available for partners who apply outside Australia. The requirements of this visa is that the couple marry within 9 months and lodge a Partner Visa Application.

    The Prospective Marriage Visa can only be applied for from outside Australia.

    This visa is for visa applicants in a relationship with an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen. This person is known as the Sponsor. The sponsor should be able to financially support the applicant for two years.

    Evidence is most important when submitting a Partner Visa application and must be sufficient to show the ‘four pillars’ of the relationship:


    • Financial Ties
    • Shared Social Connections
    • Future Plans
    • Genuine Commitment


    If you have been in Australia for more than 28 days without holding a substantive visa you may not be able to apply for a Partner Visa without first going offshore or applying for a Schedule 3 Waiver.

    If you apply for a Partner visa while in Australia you will be able to wait for the visa to be processed while remaining in Australia.

    The visa application process for a Partner Visa application made outside Australia is similar to above. The same amount and level of evidence of the relationship is required. As applicants and sponsors may be separate for periods of time in this scenario, periods of absence will need to be well explained. Proving de facto status while living in different countries can also be challenging.


    Partner Visa applications look different for every couple as every relationship is unique. We can help you uncover what your partner visa application should look like based on your unique circumstances.

    Our Migration Agent has years of experience supporting couples to prepare their evidence and submit decision-ready Partner Visas from both offshore and onshore.